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The vessel for our most ambitious dreams: Outremer 5X

In the most extreme situations, having the right gear is as important as your skill. When there is no pause, eject or restart buttons, you have to work in unison with your tools as they become an extension of yourself. When you have limited space and energy, you need to become the master of less.

Picking the right vessel for your sailing plans is one of the most important decisions you can make. For us, this led to a lot of research, reviews and discussions. However, by the end of it, the decision was obvious.

All roads lead to Outremer

Outremer kept popping up on our radar. Gregor Tarjan features the Outremer 5X in his book on catamarans as The Blue Water Cruiser. Sailing La Vagabonde is of course a notable example of a sailing family who grew their family to four on an Outremer. Finally, more often than not, the name Outremer was mentioned during our sailing trainings, including RYA courses. Still today, after getting our catamaran, when we meet knew people, their face and eyes light up when they discuss Outremer.

When we further delved into the possibility of going for an Outremer, we found an immense library of resources, ranging from videos of Matthieu touring boats, to testimonials, and informative webinars. We also found out how much value is put on the community and in the training of the owners prior to boat delivery. This really struck a cord with us, as we expected the typical “here’s your keys, now go figure things out” from other shipyards.

Meet Nuvem Mágica 🌤️

The decision was, then, obvious. We knew we wanted a performance catamaran and are now the owners of a beautiful Outremer 5X named Nuvem Mágica. The name comes from the method of transporation of a childhood hero which we’re pretty sure you know (I mean, the whole planet knows 😅): Son Goku from Dragon Ball, an anime series inspired by the Chinese lore Journey to the West. We picked the version of the name that is used in Portuguese, hence: Nuvem Mágica ❤️.

The Specs


From Bow to Stern

  • Hull length: 18.5 m (59 feet)
  • Beam: 8.58 m
  • Draught (min/max): 1.37/2.70 m
  • Height clearance (at max loading): 26.5 m
  • Displacement (light/laden): 15.5/19.9 tons

Sail Plan

  • Main sail area: 125 m2
  • Gennaker area: 225 m2
  • Code 0 area: 105 m2


Cockpit and Deck Layout

The cockpit serves as the central command post. From here, we control the helm, trim the sails, anchor, manoeuver. Trips to the mast are necessary for reefing, as well as hoisting and lowering the main sail.

Below Deck

Venturing into the galley and down below, you’ll find a comfortable living space. The Outremer 5X features multiple cabins and a well-equipped galley, where we can prepare delicious meals and treats (including our award-winning codfish and pastéis de nata) even in the midst of rolling waves.


Is that all you’ve got?

We will be sharing more about Nuvem Mágica in future posts on this website. You can expect to learn about:

  • 🌐 How we stay connected, enabling us to work remotely onboard
  • 📟 Our safety comms, tracking and respective backups
  • 🧯 How we prioritize safety onboard
  • ⛵️ Additional details on our sail plan & rigging
  • 🪩 Our setup to keep the crew entertained in long passages and at anchor

Stay tuned!

Nuvem Mágica isn’t alone

There are, in total, 36 Outremer 5X in the world produced from 2012 to 2022. Nuvem Mágica is hull number 35 (meaning it was the 35th to be produced). Many of the other owners also share their fascinating adventures, so be sure to check them out:

  • LIA, home to the Flanders family.
  • BioTrek, home to Pierre, Lisa and Tiller 🐶
  • Surya, who is preparing for her new chapter after having been sailed by the amazing Joost, Els, Thomas and Annelies
  • Vitia