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Offshore Communications 🛰️
·2876 words·14 mins
ARC+ 2023 Starlink Offshore Communications
Safety Culture and Safety Briefings 🛟
·1362 words·7 mins
ARC+ 2023 Safety
Rigging, Sail Plan & Engines
·1921 words·10 mins
ARC+ 2023 Sails Engine Rigging
Medical Preparations
·1847 words·9 mins
ARC+ 2023
Provisioning and Cooking 🧑‍🍳
·1679 words·8 mins
ARC+ 2023
Partaking in the ARC+ 2023: Why?
·1275 words·6 mins
ARC+ 2023
Hello Oceans
·450 words·3 mins
Working remotely and sailing around the world: David and Inês are living the dream onboard their Outremer 5X