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Hello Oceans

Hello there friend 👋

Today, we cast off on a new voyage together, one that promises to be filled with salt-kissed breezes, endless horizons, and the enchanting embrace of the deep blue.

We are David & Inês, ⚙️ engineer & 👩🏽‍⚕️ doctor, ⚡️ entrepreneur & 🧠 computational neuroscientist, 🛠️ all things DYIer & 🪡 crafter, 🏂 side-ways athletes and 💃🏽 dancers, both aspiring world-adventurer athletes and explorers! Aboard Nuvem Mágica, we seek to experience the thrill and the bliss of finding new worlds, powered by not much more other than the wind and a massive amount of excitement.

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into the world of sailing, exploration, and the call of the open water.

On charted roads and uncharted paths

“Every explorer I have met has been driven—not coincidentally but quintessentially—by curiosity, by a single-minded, insatiable, and even jubilant need to know.”

— Jacques-Yves Cousteau, The Human, the Orchid, and the Octopus: Exploring and Conserving Our Natural World

Planet Earth feels at first like a very well charted place, thanks to the multiple decades of progress, innovation and infrastructure built by those that came before us. Most people can now travel between countries and experience different cultures. However, when we go further and open up the books, the photography and video documentaries of world explorers, they show us that the world is much larger, much more inspiring and that there is still a lot to be found.

These explorers, led by their curiosity, inspire us to venture beyond the familiar. They beckon us to push the boundaries of our comfort, and to not survive or merely let time pass, but to seize every moment, and to thrive. They, and others alike, teach us curiosity, determination and that genuine adventure is a journey that reshapes.

Both of us, David & Inês, spent a great part of our youth watching National Geographic documentaries, and that continues to be a recurring practice when we look for solid entertainment. Inspired by a thousand images, we hope to now experience this new world ourselves.

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Our goal with this place on the Web is to share with you the incredible journey that lies ahead. We also tremendously value the importance of sharing and have benefited from it ourselves. We hope to motivate you by:

  • Discussing what we learn along the way
  • How we overcame certain challenges
  • How we prepared for them
  • … and much, much more!

You can also expect a variety of posts and other materials.

Until our headings cross!

The ocean beckons and we hope to meet you along the journey.

We bid you fair winds and starry nights ⛵✨

David & Inês