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Meet the explorers

Ahoy fellow adventurers of the big blue 🏴‍☠️! We are David & Inês, a dynamic duo with a penchant for exploration powered by innovation. David is a protocol and network engineer and innovator, and Inês a medical doctor turned computational neuroscientist. Our curiosity knows no limit and we love to tinker, experiment and explore 🌊

David & Inês picture

Our paths crossed serendipitously in the enchanting coastal realm of Portugal 🇵🇹 and, once we started sailing together, our passion for the vast blue has only grown deeper.

We both greatly enjoy the art of planning an adventure as much as executing it and, after years of climbing, week-long hikes, splitboarding, long cycling trips and much more, we now turn to exploring the seas and world, powered by the wind 💨

We are immensely excited to now embark on a journey aboard Nuvem Mágica and welcome you all to share it with us ❤️

Fair winds and high-speed connections,

Inês & David 🌐 ⚓