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Nuvem Mágica

The puffy yellow and speedy cloud that will take us through the seven seas 🌤️💨


How to maintain your watermaker
·2575 words·13 mins
Boat Jobs Watermaker Dessalator Rainman
Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, a retrospective 🌙
·1452 words·7 mins
ARC+ 2023
Fuel Water Separator for Dinghy Outboard
·539 words·3 mins
The crossing complete: welcome to Grenada 🇬🇩
·942 words·5 mins
ARC+ 2023
Onboard Cinema 🍿: a full entertainment system for your guests
·918 words·5 mins
From Cabo Verde to Grenada: Leg 2
·1650 words·8 mins
ARC+ 2023
Mindelo, Cabo Verde 🇨🇻
·1077 words·6 mins
ARC+ 2023
Ready, set, go! Leg 1 begins
·2729 words·13 mins
ARC+ 2023
The days leading to the transatlantic departure
·2294 words·11 mins
ARC+ 2023